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​Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting one of these minis please download the application PDF doc, fill it out and email it back to Please allow a few days for your application to be processed.

​Adoption Info


  • Applicant must be 18 years or older and must be adopting for his or her self or his or her immediate family.

  • We have a no breeding clause for adopted equine.

  • Mares and jennies will not be adopted to homes with stallions or jacks.

  • All stallions will be gelded prior to adoption, except in special circumstances.

  • Personal references and a vet reference are required for adoption.

  • We require site visits for adoption to ensure equines are placed in homes with safe fencing and equine will have access to shelter, fresh water and limited turnout.

  • Miniature equine cannot be housed with full sized horses due to increased risk of injury due to size difference. 

  • Since equine are herd animals and do not do well alone, we require adoption homes to have at minimum two mini equine. If adopter does not currently own another equine, equine shall be adopted in pairs.

  • Bonded minis must go together to their new forever homes.

  • Fees will be reduced for multiple animals being adopted or for minis with special healthcare needs.

  • Since we do not know the history on all equine there may be cases in which a mare is pregnant at time of adoption. If a mare is pregnant, rather known or unknown at the time of adoption, the foal must be adopted after birth or returned to the rescue when weaned (no additional adoption fee will be owed).

​We want to make sure you and the mini equine you are interested in are a match made in mini heaven. If you are interested in meeting a mini, that is available for adoption, we will be happy to schedule a meet and greet so you can ensure the mini is a good fit for you and your family.

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