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Equine Assisted Services

We provide both mobile and onsite Equine Assisted Services using miniature equine.

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Sponsorship funding is available for qualified applicants.

Just Say Whoa to Bullying

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Just Say Whoa to Bullying takes a unique approach to teaching bullying prevention by helping children to recognize and respect the differences in one another.  By understanding that everyone has something valuable to offer, children learn acceptance, tolerance, respect, and understanding of others using Equine Assisted Activities.

By instilling these core values and encouraging good character, Just Say Whoa® to Bullying builds a foundation of understanding and promotes a positive social environment, which – in turn – fosters kindness and good citizenship.

Minimum suggested donation $75.00 an hour

Our teams of trained handlers and therapy horses bring hope, love and laughter to people of all ages and abilities in retirement communities, assisted living centers, nursing homes, hospitals and to those who visit our mini ranch. It is our honor to serve more than 80 facilities and thousands of individuals in the Oklahoma City metro area facing physical, mental, emotional or psychological challenges. Flames to Hope is also proud to partner with the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs to bring Hope and Honor to military Veterans. Meet our Teams

Tactical Teamwork

Teambuilding, Leadership and Communication

Team up with equines for some tactical teamwork strategies! This program uses equine assisted activities to help individuals improve their teamwork, leadership and communication skills, skills that can be applied to relationships, work and everyday life. The exercises in this program are designed to teach groups; how to become more self-aware, work together more congruently, resolve challenges and build confidence, self-esteem, trust, respect, leadership and communication, through the eyes of a horse.

Read At Ease

Read with an Equine

Minimum suggested donation $8.00 an hour per child

Read with Reba or one of our other attentive equine and discover the joy of reading. Unlike people animals are non-threatening and non-judgmental. This helps children who lack confidence in their reading ability to develop literacy skills, improve their oral reading skills and build confidence and self-esteem in a safe, comfortable and fun environment. 

Flames to Hope, Inc. and its team support the local community and other non-profits in helping others through community involvement and outreach. If you or your organization would like to team up with Flames to Hope, Inc., please contact us to schedule an appointment. Other Services Offered 

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"I am so very glad that the kids will be able to go this Sunday!  As I said on the phone, the kids loved it last time.  Well worth it for them.  One of the best activities they have ever been to!!!"

Marla Parish Director of Administrative Services at Crossroads Youth and Family Services

"I can’t say enough good things about flames to hope equine assisted literacy program. My daughter began participating in the early part of April and since then her attitude toward reading has drastically changed from “no” to “I can do it!” In the span of 6 weeks, her reading score has jumped 2 levels after having been plateaued for several months. My little girl now WANTS to read and WANTS to succeed. I stand in awe at how much an hour with a miniature horse can impact reading. Who’d of thought that the best things truly do come in the smallest of packages."

Britane Outlaw

"We noticed some of the residents that normally don’t communicate… with others did with the horses. One gentleman smiled from ear to ear and another had tears come to his eyes. It was very humbling to see. It was amazing to hear the stories that the veterans would tell about when they were younger and worked around horses.”

Jenny Norton, Sulphur Veterans Center

" of the kids has major issues and they saw an extreme improvement from just one visit."

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* Sponsorship funding available to qualified applicants and is based on ability to pay

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Flames to Hope is a Certified O.K. Corral Series Equine Assisted Services provider. We integrate natural horse and herd behavior as a model for human mental, social and emotional health using the equine-assisted philosophies developed by Greg Kersten, Founder of EAGALA and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Click the picture to the left to learn more about O.K. Corral Series.

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